Trans Gender in Jakarta

Jakarta is the largest city of Indonesia with different cultures and ethnicities. The city is popular in several modern recreations, attractions and parks. Along its stunning attractions and rich culture are the fabulous and pretty Jakarta ladies. What makes it even more interesting are a big number of Jakarta transgender communities.

Despite the legal challenges and are facing in Indonesia, they still practice their rights to love, to have a relationship and express what and who they are. In Indonesian history, there are Indonesian ‘warias’ or community of third gender people that were not only accepted – they were respected and honored.

Where to Find Ladyboys in Jakarta

Unlike other cities in Southeast Asia, not many Jakarta trans are easily found because Indonesia is a very conservative country. Most girls are dressed conservatively and you will almost never be seeing them wearing short skirt, short shorts or tank tops showing cleavage. Similarly, ladyboys in Jakarta are quite hard to find, especially during day time.

But if you want to try, check the list below;

Search Engine

Definitely, the search engine is the number one place to easily find ladyboys in Jakarta. Just type in the word ‘waria’ or Jakarta ladyboys on the search box and you’ll get thousands of results. You can get information from blogs, forums, Q&A sites and social media channels.

Online Dating Sites

Jakarta dating sites allow people to find their match, make new friends and meet thousands of ladyboys from various parts of Jakarta, even around the world. Currently, the three best and most popular ladyboy dating sites in Indonesia are My Ladyboy Date, My Transsexual Date and Indonesian Cupid. If you have tried online dating with girls before, finding ladyboys through these websites is going to be a very quick and easy process. It’s also free to sign up and browse through the site.

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